Remote surveillance and management of buildings

Remote object protection

Do you want to save funds for night security? Through the Space surveillance centre, we will remotely supervise your facility. In case of an incident, we will immediately resolve the crises or call a fast deployment service to solve the problem within a few minutes.

Process automation

Do you find your logistical or operational processes long, inefficient and even too costly? Contact us for a non-binding analysis and evaluation of your operating savings.

Detection of internal or external criminality

Security threats come from outside and inside the company. We will provide you with adequate technical security, so that you are no longer surprised by any theft in warehouses, logistics or production. On average, we save the client 30% of the cost of property depreciation.

  • 30%

    savings of costs

  • 24/7

    continuous control of the object

  • 5%

    increase in property value

Automatic reception

Looking for a way to speed up the administration of visits at the reception and save costs? Our e-reception replaces the current physical receptionist and can fully process the visit, advise orientation around the area, connect with the helpdesk of Space, and provide other services directly tailored to your needs. Get a perfect overview of the visit records.

Predictive object maintenance

Do you want to catch emergencies and crises in time? In the field of measurement and regulation (MaR), we provide remote management of systems. We manage the connection of flood sensors, thermal and water sensors or other IoT technologies. We will ensure the proper functioning of the entrances and elevators. We will help to set effective energy consumption based on data collection. We will take over the operation of your object and detect a potential malfunction or problem in time. You will save costs for damage caused by a possible accident.

Monitoring of parking

Need a better overview of parking space occupancy? Navigate the driver to vacancies without the need for an employee present? Our technology allows not only more efficient security of parked vehicles but also a way to better use existing parking spaces. In case of incidents, also the possibility of reading license plates and active cooperation with the police forces.

Customized software solutions

Let us create a flexible, customized software solution for you. Based on the analysis, we will recommend a suitable solution that makes sense functionally and economically.

We are here for you

Arrange a meeting and a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and find a tailor-made solution.

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Benefits of Space

Reduction of loss and elimination of crime

Space works as an effective tool for preventing external and internal criminality and reducing losses.

Continuous surveillance of the object

Remote surveillance in 24/7 mode will ensure that you have your space constantly under control.


The smart system processes reports, graphical analyses and other calculations tailored to your current needs.

Data for marketing

Analyses of data on visit rate and behaviour of customers allow you to accurately plan and target marketing campaigns.

Saves costs thanks to automation

State-of-the-art technology automates workflows in logistics or industrial areas. Reduces your labour costs.

Immediate reaction

No area can avoid extraordinary and crisis situations. Space will immediately detect them and notify you so you can respond immediately.

About us

Innovis is an international consulting company that offers digital transformation solutions to push your business forward. We are your partner in technology from the initial idea, through development, to solution implementation. Our core business focuses on building technology management, automation and data processing using IoT, AI and advanced analytics.

Our mother company is M2C, which has been in the market for 30 years. We offer integrated facility management services to Czech and international partners from various industries. We use innovative solutions and new technologies in all segments of our services


  • Albert Czech Republic

    We have been cooperating with Mark2 Corporation Czech a.s. since 2013 and we are satisfied with its services. We highly appreciate the professional approach of its employees and the high quality of services provided. M2C Space remotely supervises our supermarkets and hypermarkets and helps to increase savings and reduce losses of the company. Cooperation with Mark2 corporation Czech a.s. and their service M2C Space we can highly recommend.

  • Foxconn CZ s.r.o.

    Satisfaction with M2C services is proven by our almost 20 years long cooperation. The company takes pride in an individual approach and good communication, we also value the speed and quality of services. For us, the company provides facility management services and complex technical building management. They have automated our processes, which now contribute to saving our time and finances. For the future, we wish them many more satisfied customers and we are glad to be in the same boat.

  • JUSDA Europe s.r.o.

    We evaluate the cooperation with M2C very positively, which has been our partner since 2016. We see the high level of services provided, the speed, flexibility and adaptability of the work performed to the operating conditions of our company as a great benefit. M2C provides us with physical security and also helps us secure the premises through the installation of security technologies such as cameras and safety frames. We rank the company among our professional partners and we can highly recommend the use of their services.

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Kateřina Kulíšková

Kateřina Kulíšková

Sales manager

Tomíčkova 2144/1, 148 00 Praha 11-Chodov
+420 702 297 453 +420 702 297 453